The Frisky Way

Our philosophy is built on our fundamental beliefs that:

Sex is good. Everyone enjoys good sex. It has positive effects on one’s health, both physiological and psychological. It increases contentment, satisfaction, joy in life, and harmony. It is a positive.

Education makes it even better. It’s an unfortunate fact that most of us were deprived of significant sexual education. Schools often don’t - or can’t - go beyond STD and pregnancy prevention, and there are few people in our lives who are truly knowledgeable enough to give us useful information. That leaves a tremendous gap that needs filling.

Everything goes smoother if you have the right equipment. Like a carpenter needs the right tools, a good lover needs the right accessories. These differ for every lover, and they may range from a sexy pair of underwear to a leather harness and silicone phallus, but everyone needs something to add some heat. Finding the right equipment, particularly in light of that information abyss mentioned above, can be a challenge.


To this, we add the convictions we operate by:

Shopping should be fun. There are two ways to look at shopping: an act of commerce, or as an act of recreational social behavior. We see it as the latter. Shopping should be enjoyable - a pleasant experience. We believe in details, from the scent when you walk in the front door, to the layout of products, to the interaction with our staff. Commerce is functional but boring. We want you to feel like shopping with us every day.

The judgment-free zone. There is nothing more inherently private and personal than one’s sexuality and fantasy life. Exploration is only possible in an environment where one feels comfortable to ask questions and select products without fear of being judged or subject to ridicule. Not to worry. We have a simple rule: If it involves consenting adults, we believe it is fine and healthy. Words like “freak” and “pervert” do not exist in our vocabulary. Be yourself and have fun.

Everyone is welcome. Our stores should equally serve people of all orientations and gender identities. Straight, gay, lesbian, bi, transgender; come one, come all.

Products should be great. There are literally thousands of products out there, and more are released almost every day. It can be completely overwhelming. We want to make sure that everything we sell offers value. Sometimes that means a very high end, expensive toy that is just amazing; sometimes it is something inexpensive but very functional. If we think it is junk, we won’t carry it. If we get negative feedback, we’ll drop it. If it’s in our store, you can trust that we think it deserves to be.

Educated consumers are better customers. If you know nothing about stereos, how do you know how many watts per channel you need? Likewise, if our guests do not understand their own anatomies, how can they select the best items to stimulate themselves? By educating our guests, we ensure they purchase the most appropriate items to suit their unique needs or purposes. As a result, they will get more enjoyment and satisfaction from their acquisition. This is the foundation on which we build relationships.

Customers are relationships. The retail trend of the last couple of decades has been toward stores that separate customers from their funds with greater and greater efficiency. This is all well and good, but whatever happened to building relationships with customers? We will endeavor with each customer to assure them the best possible experience in shopping with us, and we’ll trust them to reward us in the long run with their continued business. With a little luck, they’ll tell their friends about us, too.

Success follows excellence. If we stick to our guns and work hard every day to provide the best possible service, selection, and information, then we will be rewarded by customer loyalty that we have earned. To this end we will compete most vigorously with our good intentions, our honest efforts, and our sincere dedication to being the best at what we do. That’s the kind of business we choose to be, and that’s the kind of success we choose to pursue.


And thus:

It is our commitment to provide the best in products, knowledge, service and support to our guests, with the goal of helping our guests achieve greater joy and satisfaction from their sexual expressions. We operate at all times with our guests’ well-being in mind, providing useful and accurate information in order that they may make educated purchasing decisions. We create a judgement-free zone, wherein anyone can ask us anything and be able to count on getting our best answer with no fear of being mocked, criticized, or judged. We contribute as we are able to the sexual health and joys of our friends in the community through outreach, education, and donations.